How automation works?

To understand the strategy, we need to understand the fundamental rule of the market:

"Market can’t go up forever nor will it go down forever."

Botsfolio has engineered smart investing tools designed to take advantage of this quote.

You can see in the image below that in a 3.5 year horizon there are a few -30% drops and a few 100% rallies.


Automation will quickly buy on big dips to accumulate crypto and sell on huge rallies. Then it will again wait for a big dip to buy crypto again. Doing this consistently over the years results in the best possible ROI for the best risk-reward ratio.

You can check the past performance on our calculator here.


In 4 years you can really see a significant difference in your portfolio value.


You can also read an article written by our founder on technical analysis of BTC breaking out to $25,000 when it was at $9k in 2020 before the BTC bull run began here.