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Is it Better to Trade Cryptocurrency or to HODL?

13 Jul 2021
Cryptocurrency investors generally tend to either Buy and hold (HODL) cryptocurrency. Or, trade cryptocurrency and try to grow their portfolio. Of those two, the general wisdom is that HODL is a better strategy for new traders. There is some ...

Top Crypto Currency Exchanges in 2021, CEX, DEX and Derivatives

07 Jul 2021
As the crypto markets go through wild bull cycles, posting lucrative returns, everybody wants to jump in and get a piece of the action. The common question for investors is “Where do I buy cryptocurrency such as bitcoin (BTC) and trade it?” While ...

Is crypto your dream investment ticket to retire early?

01 Jul 2021
There have been countless crypto-based get-rich-quick scams, from Bitconnect-style Ponzi schemes to “rug pull” scams on Uniswap — discounting inexperienced investors investing money into memecoins based on the fact that they feature the same ...

Bitcoin’s Taproot Update — What Does It Mean For The Markets?

22 Jun 2021
The Taproot Update was first proposed in 2018 by Gregory Maxwell, a Bitcoin Core (BTC) contributor, and former chief technology officer at Blockstream, a Bitcoin and blockchain technology company. The Taproot update is expected to enhance ...

How Global Tax Rates Affect Cryptocurrency?

15 Jun 2021
Cryptocurrency is truly Global and the concept of a global corporate tax rate is nothing new. With companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple making billions of dollars in revenue and paying little to no tax, regulators and governing ...