Find out what type of investor you are and how you can best use Botsfolio.

What is your investment experience ?

A I am new to investing
B I have done few investment
C I am a professional investor

What is your investment attitude ?

A Very conservative
B Somewhat Conservative
C Moderate
D Somewhat Aggressive
E Very Aggressive

What are you looking to achieve from your investment?

A I want to make a long term crypto portfolio with good entry price.
B I want to get in right now in best cryptos and keep adding money every month.
C I don't want a portfolio but want to trade actively with less risk.
D I want to do high risk high reward trades, not looking to build a long term portfolio.
E I don't want to lose my investment but earn some profit when the market is up.

Imagine that you are given a single opportunity to spend $50 of your own money on a favourable bet. Which would you choose?

A Place no bet and keep $50
B 90% chance of winning $75
C 66% chance of winning $200
D 25% chance of winning $1000

Protecting my portfolio is more important to me than high returns.

A Strongly Agree
B Agree
C Neutral
D Disagree
E Strongly Disagree

In how many years will you begin making withdrawals from your investment?

A Less than a year
B 1-2 years
C 3-5 years
D 6-9 years
E 10-15 years
F 15-25 years
G More than 25 years

Over the next few years, you expect the annual income to

A Stay the same
B Grow moderately
C Grow substantially.
D Decrease moderately
E Decrease substantially

Which statement make the most sense to you?

A I am willing to bare the consequences of a loss to maximize my returns.
B I am concerned about losses along with returns.
C To completely avoid losses is something I am more interested in

What is the maximum investment loss that you are prepared to risk in exchange for high returns over the long term?

A No loss of capital. I need guaranteed returns every year.
B I could tolerate loss of my profit but not my capital.
C I could tolerate a small loss of capital (20%)
D I could tolerate a medium loss of capital (40%)
E I could tolerate a large loss of capital (60%)
F I could tolerate losing 100% capital.

Your portfolio has dropped 20% this morning. Which statement describes your reaction?

A This is a worst-case scenario. I will sell my investments as quickly as possible to protect my portfolio from further losses.
B I'm unsure why the price has fallen so I will wait and see. However, I'm upset about the loss and will be kicking myself for making this investment.
C I will consider investing further into this company as it will now be better value.
D I will largely ignore this, as crypto are volatile and I have a long term view.

I have made investments which lost money in the past


I have made investments which have achieved excellent returns in the past.


What do you expect to be your next major expenditure?

A Buying a house
B Paying college tuition
C Capitalizing a new business venture
D Providing for my retirement