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Bitcoin Double Spending, did it really happen?

23 Jan 2021
From the past few hours Interest in Bitcoin “double-spending” grew up like a wildfire which is worrying traders from all over the world, after recent news that the Bitcoin network processed the same bitcoin (BTC) in two transactions – the very “double-spending” scenario Bitcoin was specifically designed to prevent. Nevertheless, its plunge prompted rich traders and institutions to purchase it at cheaper rates, leading to further liquidity crunch against its limited supply cap of 21 million tokens.


23 Jan 2021
Trade analysts are reports state that Bitcoin is going to hit $50,000 in the coming sessions. Bitcoin is the most famous and desired cryptocurrency, whose market capitalization recently soared above that of Facebook and Tesla, dropping lower from its record high near $42,000. Nevertheless, its plunge prompted rich traders and institutions to purchase it at cheaper rates, leading to further liquidity crunch against its limited supply cap of 21 million tokens.

Will US crypto regulations return Bitcoin to its digital cash origins

20 Jan 2021
FinCEN (United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) recently proposed a series of new regulations applying to financial institutions dealing with digital currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies.

Chainlink surpasses Bitcoin Cash; LINK becomes the 8th largest cryptocurrency

18 Jan 2021
Chainlink (LINK), the oracle-focused blockchain protocol, surpasses Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and becomes the eighth-largest cryptocurrency as on Jan. 18. The market capitalization of Chainlink now hovers at $9 billion and roughly $500 million away.

Bitcoin open interest hits $8.8B

18 Jan 2021
Bitcoin open interest hits $8.8B as 45% of BTC options expire in 2 weeks.The open interest on Bitcoin options hit a huge mark of $8.8 billion. Over the past two months the open interest on Bitcoin options was held reasonably steady.

Bitcoin more likely to be successful than Ethereum in the long run

18 Jan 2021
Experts say that Bitcoin is more likely to be successful in the long run than Ethereum.The strategist and investment guru Lyn Alden isn't invested in Ether, as she considers the Ethereum network as an “unfinished product” while comparing with Bitcoin

$500M Crypto liquidated as Bitcoin dips below $34K: What's next?

18 Jan 2021
Bitcoin slid below $34,000 in the last 24hrs because of which the cryptocurrency market saw a liquidation of over $500million worth positions.

Top 100 bitcoin addresses accumulated $11 B more in btc in past 30 days

14 Jan 2021
Bitcoin’s best 100 richest addresses have snapped up almost 350,000 more BTC accumulating 16% more Bitcoin over the last 30 days.Altogether these addresses added 334,000 more Bitcoin to their bags, or you can call it around $11 billion worth.

Goldman Sachs says Currently Bitcoin is on its path to maturity

14 Jan 2021
Analyst Jeff Currie believes more institutional money is needed to stabilize the market. After more than a decade of extreme price volatility, Bitcoin (BTC) is finally starting to mature as an asset class in the market.

Expert Analysts state Bitcoin price drop to $30K was ‘healthy and necessary’

12 Jan 2021
The total cryptocurrency market cap fell down by more than $200 billion as Bitcoin price value dropped to $30,229 and altcoins correctly sharply

Crypto user recovers long-lost missing private keys to access $4M

12 Jan 2021
Indeed, even with their freshly discovered fortune, the lucky student said they will avoid “expensive luxuries” like a new car or house. A student has claimed to have discovered private keys accidentally HODLed starting as early as 2011 which will unlock more than $4 million in Bitcoin.

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, EOS, THETA, AAVE

12 Jan 2021
Altcoins rallied strongly over the past week, but Bitcoin’s current consolidation could be an indication that the trend may reverse soon.

Bitcoin the Future of Gambling

11 Jan 2021
Digital currencies, including bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, are gradually and steadily becoming a worldwide phenomenon grabbing attention from all the corners of the world

Bitcoin value unpredictability spikes as BTC whales sell each new high

10 Jan 2021
Data Suggests Bitcoin's value drops at each new untouched high are the consequence of “mega whales” selling into liquidity.

Citibank Executive Says Bitcoin Will Trade at $318,000 by End of 2021

28 Nov 2020
“Bitcoin will see huge price swings before finally settling at the predicted price” Fitzpatrick, MDCitibank.

Russia Proposes New Laws and Punishments for Cryptocurrency Owners

27 Nov 2020
The Russian Ministry of Finance has grown new changes to the nation's digital currency guidelines. The proposition traces another arrangement of rules for crypto proprietors, trades, and dealers.