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What can you do with Botsfolio?

If you know what coins you want to buy

Botsfolio will track these coins for you and them when they dip. Botsfolio will sell them on huge rallies and buy them back again on a dip.

If you don't know what coins you want to buy

Browse through our collections of coins based on their industry use-case and the strategy behind their price action.

Include active trading in your portfolio

For short term high risk-reward trades you can allocate small amount of your portfolio to active trading.

Connect Your Existing Portfolio

Botsfolio will assume the currenct value of your portfolio as your starting investment amount and then it will optimize it for long term wealth generatoin.

Botsfolio automation vs Buy & hold

Calculate your portfolio value with Botsfolio automation

Enter the coins you have in your portfolio. We will run Botsfolio's
automation to display what profit or loss automation
would have made.

Would you like to enter the quantity or price ?

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Botsfolio Automation


Buy & Hold


You would have made $ more without any hassle which is % more on your investment.

Looks like you chose a very time short period. This strategy works better the more time you give it. You would have made $ less which is % less on your investment.

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