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Top Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs 2021 - Botsfolio



8 Feb, 2021


Do you wanna make extra income while working on your day to day activities? Do you have an audience who are interested in crypto? By joining the Affiliate Marketing Program and by giving a small amount of time a day, you can earn more money.

Bitcoin and crypto affiliate programs can help you monetize your audience and deliver recurring crypto income. You can run these affiliate programs on your news website, personal blog, YouTube or on any of the popular social media platforms.

It's an opportunity for traders to earn income by referring people in their network to the cryptocurrency exchange. Each user gets an affiliate link, and they share them with members of their family, friends, and acquaintances.

How Crypto Exchange Affiliate Marketing Programs Work

Affiliate Marketing Program is famous all over the world, even the world’s top brands operate affiliate marketing programs, offering users incentives for recruiting new customers. Affiliates are equipped with links and share them with others. When someone joins or makes a purchase using these links, the affiliate receives a reward for the money spent.

In the crypto space, Cryptocurrency exchanges run affiliate programs where they pay affiliates for sending them paying customers. Steps involved:

First, sign up and confirm your identity

You get your affiliate link on your dashboard

Share your link on social media

When someone clicks your link, they get redirected to the exchange. They can sign up and begin trading from there

You are rewarded for every traffic that results in a successful transaction

The more the referral, the higher the income.

The Top Crypto Exchange Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now that we know what crypto affiliate programs are, let’s look at some of the platforms running affiliate programs in the industry.

1. Binance

Binance the largest crypto exchange in the world was founded in 2017. While the exchange began as a crypto-to-crypto platform, it has rolled out support for other currencies and is currently operating at a scale larger than almost any other crypto exchange.

The Binance affiliate program is suitable for everyone. It offers up to 50 percent commission when your referral joins the platform and completes a trade. You can also give people discounts, offering as much as 20 percent off on trading fees to incentivize them to join the exchange.

How the Binance Affiliate Program Works

Signing up on Binance’s affiliate program is pretty simple. Here are the steps to follow:

Sign Up: Fill in the form to apply. The company will evaluate your application and ensure that you meet their criteria

Get Your Affiliate Link: You create your affiliate link with your Binance account. You can manage the link, track its performance across referrals, and customize it based on platforms where you want to share it.

Take Action: When someone registers for an account with your referral link, you get as much as 50 percent commission each time they complete a trade.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange based in California. It is the largest exchange in North America, tapping into the growing American crypto market and providing a regulated platform for crypto enthusiasts to engage.

Like Binance, Coinbase offers you 50 percent for anyone who registers using your affiliate link and makes a trade. However, that commission fee changes every three months. The exchange reviews your performance after three months. Then, it assigns you a new commission fee based on your performance. Your fee could go up or fall drastically after that.

Top Features

No referral limits

You get $10 off any referred user who deposits up to $100.

Payouts in your local currency

Advanced tracking software

How Coinbase Affiliate Program Works

You can sign up for the referral program by clicking here

The company will evaluate your application

Once approved, you’ll be granted access to an affiliate Dashboard where your link is available. You also get several other marketing materials.

Take action by promoting your affiliate link

Earn money from referrals

3. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. It allows people to sell their Bitcoins. Users conduct person-to-person trades, exchanging their digital assets via a seamless interface. To minimize risk, the exchange provides an escrow wallet where its users send their assets to. When payment for an asset has been confirmed, you get your Bitcoins.

At LocalBitcoins affiliate network, users get 20 percent off any trades made by people they refer to. The company’s website makes it clear that you only get bonuses when a referral makes a trade.

The exchange also takes a different approach to processing payouts. Unlike many centralized exchanges, this one pays commissions after a year of your referral’s registration. The more the user trades throughout the year, the higher your commissions.

Top Features

All transactions are in Bitcoin; including commission payouts

LocalBitcoins considers you an affiliate for three months. An evaluation follows

How the LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program Works

LocalBitcoins offers a straightforward affiliate marketing process. Simply register on LocalBitcoins via this link and sign up for its affiliate program. The exchange sends you an affiliate link, which you can share with everyone in your network.

4. Paxful

Like LocalBitcoins, Paxful is another top peer-to-peer crypto exchange. The platform also operates an escrow account that allows people to transact in Bitcoin for fiat safely. Also, like LocalBitcoins, the service only conducts trades in Bitcoin.

On the Paxful Bitcoin affiliate program, users can earn up to 50 percent in commissions on escrow whenever they refer people, and the referrals make trades. Escrow fees on Paxful are usually calculated as 1 percent in all affiliate payouts, except in cases where the exchange charges less than 1 percent on affiliate fees.

If the escrow fee turns out to be less than 1 percent, Paxful will charge 50 percent of whatever number and pay you – the affiliate marketer – based on that fee.

Affiliate Groupings

Paxful groups its referrals into two tiers:

Tier 1: Referrals who sign up directly through your affiliate link. For instance Ken joins Paxful through Andy’s affiliate link, becoming Andy’s Tier 1 affiliate.

Tier 2: Referrals who sign up through one of your affiliates. For instance if Andy brings Ken into the exchange and Ken brings Jeff, Jeff becomes Andy’s Tier 2 affiliate.

Every affiliate marketer gets 50 percent of the standard escrow fee for a Tier 1 referral’s successful trade. And 10 percent of the same fees on trades made by a Tier 2 referral.

Top Features

Payouts are usually made when your affiliate wallet hits a balance of $10. You can transfer the Bitcoins to your Paxful wallet and withdraw them

You can create custom affiliate links to ensure tracking

How the Paxful Affiliate Marketing Program Works

Sign up for the program via this link. You will need to be a Paxful user to join in, of course. Paxful doesn’t audit your application like Binance and Coinbase. As long as you’re a user, you can get in and begin referring others.

5. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is another top cryptocurrency exchange. It’s not quite as big as Binance and Coinbase, but it’s up there. The service is based in Hong Kong, and it provides trading, custody for institutional investors, and much more.

Bitfinex provides perhaps the most potentially lucrative cryptocurrency affiliate program. The exchange offers up to 55 percent in fees for every referral who makes a trade, and you can also get commission multipliers based on some specific criteria that your referrals would have to meet.


Crypto exchange affiliate programs provide a reliable way for marketers to earn recurring income. The programs are suitable for small business owners, bloggers, large media houses, and individuals with enough patience to grow their networks.

But, every exchange has its pros and cons. You need to check each policy and decide on which is best for your situation.

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