How to buy Bitcoin In India


You can use Wazirx to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in India with UPI or Netbanking

Step 1: Create your Wazirx account

Go to Wazirx and signup to open your account.

Wazrix screenshotStep 2: Complete your KYC

You would need a Driving License or Aadhar card for Identity and PAN card to complete the process.

Wazrix screenshot

Step 3: Deposit funds (INR) in Wazirx

Go to Funds and click deposit in front of Rupee. Then you will get an option toadd payment method which can be UPI or Netbanking.

Wazrix screenshot

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin

You can go to exchange section and place a bid to buy Bitcoin on BTC/INR pair.

Wazrix screenshot

Transfer USDT at zero cost to Binance

You can link your Wazirx account with Binance from Binance Dashboard. Once done you can transfer USDT between Wazirx and Binance with zero transaction fee.

Wazrix screenshot

Want to buy Bitcoin at best price automatically?

Botsfolio provides trading bots which buy and trade cryptos from your crypto exchange account.

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