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Master Trading: Learn Effective Strategies on CoinMarketCap



29 Dec, 2021


CoinMarketCap is a popular service for tracking the rate, capitalization and rating of cryptocurrencies. Created by a small team of developers based in New York in 2013, it is the most visited web resource of this kind.

CoinMarketCap offers detailed information about the huge number of cryptocurrency tokens (15,616 at the time of this writing), which is updated online by processing data from crypto trading exchanges. In addition, CoinMarketCap specializes in a variety of ratings and comparative charts, a collection of historical market data and other useful functionalities for the cryptocurrency community.

The CoinMarketCap website is preferred by most traders and investors, as a go to portal when they need to quickly find out the rate, number of coins, position in the rating and other detailed data about any cryptocurrency, for instance, bitcoin price, Ethereum price, ripple price.

CoinMarketCap History and Mission

CoinMarketCap started on May 1, 2013, created by an American programmer Brandon Chez. The idea to create such a service developed from the need of a single ready-made tool for comparing trading volumes on the crypto trading market and its global ratings.

Over the past 7+ years of its existence, CoinMarketCap has incorporated plenty of additional tools for studying and analyzing cryptocurrency markets (market capitalization and dominance charts, currency converter, blockchain explorer, etc.). In addition, it is now available as a mobile application on iOS and Android devices.

CoinMarketCap states its mission as providing users with the most reliable, accurate and up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies. Also, it accepts no payment for adding new coins to CoinMarketCap, and transfers to the wallets indicated at the bottom of the website are merely donations that in no way affect the ranking of any cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketCap Features & Usage

CoinMarketCap Features & Usage

The CoinMarketCap website is presented to any visitor in a simple format, which can be figured out within a few minutes (provided that the visitor is familiar with the basics of cryptocurrency and crypto trading). Initially, its English version is loaded by default, and all exchange rates, trading volumes, capitalization, etc. are displayed in US dollars. Users can at any time change the language of the service to one of many available options.

In addition, CoinMarketCap supports the ‘Night Mode’ visualization of its website – through a button available next to the drop-down for changing the language and currency. The website remembers the choice you make during subsequent visits (provided the same device and browser are used, in which the cookies were not cleared).

This list, organized in the form of a table, displays the current price for each cryptocurrency, the trading volume for 24 hours, the circulating supply in the market, the percentage change in the rate per day and the weekly chart in miniature.

Using available filters, the CoinMarketCap ranking list can be organized to better view the crypto trading data. For example, you can sort the rows by capitalization, by trade volume, price and other displayed parameters - all you need to do is click on the header of the required column.

Clicking on the three dots at the end of any line in the list, will open a menu through which you can view detailed charts, trading pairs present on exchanges and historical data.

Clicking on the name of any cryptocurrency in the CoinMarketCap rating lists displays its details:

  • Logo, name and common ticker.
  • Price (in dollars and BTC) and its change per day as a percentage.
  • Market cap, 24-hour volume, total and circulating coin supply.
  • The current position in the rating of cryptocurrencies.
  • Links to the official web resources of the project - site, section on Bitcoin talk, blockchain guides, message boards, source codes and technical documentation).
  • Features of the technology (coin or token, mined or not).

Next, you’ll note an interactive area, which by default displays a graph of the cryptocurrency rate.

There are also buttons that allow you to switch to the following information blocks:

Market - rating of crypto trading pairs on various exchanges by volume.

Social networks - the latest news feed from the official Twitter and Reddit project.

Historical data - viewing the main market indicators of a cryptocurrency (capitalization, volume, open / close price, etc.).

Ratings – an indicator of the popularity and viability of the project

In addition to rating lists and pages dedicated to cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap offers a number of other equally useful tools, links to which are located in the main menu in the header of the site.

Trends – This section features several interesting lists together. “Recently Added” is a list of coins and tokens that have appeared on CoinMarketCap in the last month.

Exchanges - This section features ratings of crypto trading platforms compiled by three key parameters - reported and adjusted volume, as well as liquidity. The latter metric takes into account the statistics of orders in the order books (order books), thereby eliminating the problem of manipulating trading volumes.

If you click on the name of any exchange in these charts, a page will open containing detailed data about it:

Such as:
  • Site name and logo.
  • Adjusted trading volume in USD and BTC.
  • Links to the official website, blog and Twitter account, as well as documentation on the exchange's commission policy.
  • A complete list of active trading pairs on the site.

Global charts - Charts of market capitalization (with and without bitcoin) and the percentage dominance of cryptocurrencies present in the market are presented in this section. These among all other charts featured on the CoinMarketCap pages are fully interactive. The user can pick the time interval and timeframe, as well as switch between logarithmic and linear scales. In addition, you can explore the value of various parameters displayed on the graph at any time in the past by moving the cursor along the timeline.

Widgets - Using this tool, you can generate a code to embed a widget with a ticker, rate, rating, capitalization and other data on any cryptocurrency present on the CoinMarketCap website.

Historical snapshots - This section traces back in time and displays the details of a cryptocurrency rating (rate, capitalization, circulating supply and price change) for any day since the launch of the CoinMarketCap service, that is, from May 2013 till date.

Blockchain Explorer – It's CoinMarketCap's native block explorer that does not stand out in anything special, but sufficiently displays the contents of blocks, wallets and transactions.

The Currency Converter is another simple and convenient functionality for converting any fiat and cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketCap also features various tools for developers and information resources for its visitors:

Developer API for cryptocurrency trading - This allows you to create your own trading strategies based on the historical data collected by the service about exchanges and cryptocurrencies. In addition, the CoinMarketCap API is useful for developers of wallets, exchanges, exchangers and other cryptocurrency projects. This tool is free for trial personal use.

The Learning section contains articles, cryptocurrency news and interviews for traders, investors, developers and other members of the crypto community;

Crypto glossary - an alphabetical dictionary of terms related to the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies (in English only);

Calendar of events - a schedule of events significant for the world of cryptocurrencies with an indication of their brief description, date and location, as well as a link to the official source;

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies - an FAQ section containing introductory information for beginners, both on working directly with the CoinMarketCap service, and on general questions about cryptocurrency investing.

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