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Is Crypto Mining Profitable? A Comprehensive Analysis by Botsfolio



20 Apr, 2022


The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing, and dozens of factors can simultaneously influence the profit from crypto mining. Mining calculators allow you to most easily and quickly assess the prospects for mining cryptocurrency with the equipment you have, at the current rate and complexity of the coin.

Mining Calculators are a must for anyone who is thinking about creating a crypto mining farm, and it is recommended to calculate the results on several services at once. The Mining calculator examples listed below are notable for their convenience, taking into account all mining options including gpu mining, asic mining etc. and accuracy of calculations such as hashrate. They can be used to calculate the ROI of equipment and the profitability of mining.


WhatToMine is one of the popular crypto mining profitability calculators. It can be used both to calculate the profitability of mining specific coins, and to determine which coin is best to mine at the moment. Its interface may seem confusing at first, but in fact, everything is simple:

The tabs in the top menu allow you to switch between calculators for GPU mining and ASIC mining, calculate profitability for a specific coin (Coins tab) or income from dual mining (ETH + HNS), as well as see the ratings of the most profitable video cards and ASICs at the moment.

Below that are the models of the most popular devices for mining. For example, 1660Ti refers to a GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics card for gpu mining. You need to select all the devices that you have or plan to buy for crypto mining, and indicate the quantity of each of them.

Next is a table with crypto mining algorithms. Each of them can be activated or deactivated so that the calculation on it is not performed. All algorithms are enabled by default.

There are additional settings under the algorithms. Here you can specify the cost of electricity, set up filters and sort the results, and also select the mining pools such as f2pool that you plan to use to exchange the earned cryptocurrencies for fiat.

After all the settings, click Calculate, and a table with the most profitable altcoins will appear below. The more fields you fill in the calculator, the more accurate the result will be. The altcoin table contains data such as the current market rate, difficulty, capitalization, block creation time, estimated profit per day, three days, seven days etc.


CryptoCompare is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to calculate the profitability of several top cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, XMR, ZEC, DASH, LTC. The user is required to enter a minimum of information; information such as the exchange rate of a coin or the complexity of the network is automatically taken into account by the service.

Enter the hashrate of the equipment in h / s, kh / s, mh / s, gh / s or th / s. This is the number of hashes per second that devices can generate during the mining process.

Enter the power consumption. You can calculate it yourself based on data provided by manufacturers

Enter the cost of electricity - how much you pay per kWh. This is a very important indicator for profitability.

When you enter any information, the results on the right are recalculated automatically, which is very convenient - you can experiment without reloading the page every time. The profit is calculated based on the current exchange rate and the complexity of crypto mining, and if these indicators change, then the result may be completely different.

How to Use Mining Calculators?

Calculation of profit and ROI for a video card GPU Mining

Take for an example, let's calculate the payback of an AMD Radeon VII video card using the WhatToMine service. Open the GPU section of the website and select the desired device at the top of the screen. Leave the algorithms intact. We set the cost of electricity to $ 0.05 / kW.

Click Calculate. A table with a list of the most profitable cryptocurrencies for crypto mining will be displayed at the bottom. They will be ranked by profitability.

As you can see, the most profitable option is Ethereum mining using Nicehash. This method will generate ~$5 in net profit per day. The AMD Radeon VII graphics card has an average cost of $ 760. Therefore, it will pay off in 121 days under the current gpu mining conditions.

Calculation of profit and ROI for ASIC (ASIC)

For example, let's calculate the ROI of Bitmain Antminer S17 + using the crypto mining calculator CoinWarz. The device is among the most popular, so you do not have to enter data manually, but simply select it from the list so that the parameters are substituted automatically. After that, do not forget to indicate the cost of electricity and the pool commission.

Click on the Calculate Mining Profit button. Below you will see information about profitability, profitability and payback. In this case, the profit will be ~$15 per day, and the device will pay off in 380 days. If you scroll down the page, you can find the calculation of profit for an hour, day, week, month, year. This information is indicative and cannot be used as an accurate guideline.

Calculation profit and ROI for the processor (CPU)

For example, let's calculate the payback of AMD CPU Threadripper 3990X using the crypto mining calculator provided by NiceHash

Indicate the electricity price that is relevant for your region, device type - CPU, manufacturer - AMD, and then directly the device model itself.

Click "Calculate". The expected profit is $ 1.69 per day. If we take into account the daily electricity costs of $ 0.05, then we get $ 1.69 in net profit for 24 hours.

The AMD CPU Threadripper 3990X is priced at $ 4,500. Using simple arithmetic calculations, we get a ROI of more than six years.

Calculating the profitability of mining cryptocurrencies and tokens

WhatToMine crypto mining calculator allows you to find out the estimated profitability of a particular cryptocurrency of interest. To do this, go to the Coins section and select the desired coin there. For example, Bitcoin.

At the top of the page, you can specify information about equipment, pool commission, electricity price. Then click Calculate and get the approximate profit information. For example, in the above example, Bitmain Antminer S17 + 76Th was taken as a basis, and the profitability was $ 10.18 per day. Under these conditions, the miner will pay off in 286 days; this result is slightly different for the better from the result obtained in the CoinWarz calculator.

Mining cryptocurrency can be a lucrative business. However, the high volatility of coins, the increasing difficulty of crypto mining, reduced rewards (halving), electricity bills and increasing hash rate are factors that may not play in your favor. This is especially important if you have invested a lot of money in the equipment. In order to assess your capabilities at any time, you should refer to calculators for crypto mining. With their help, you can test many different strategies and choose the best one for yourself.

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