What Women Thinks Of Crypto: Nice Guy or Handsome Jerk ?


In finance, age-old channels of investment like Gold, Diamonds, Bonds, Funds etc. are like the nice guy and Cryptocurrency is a handsome jerk with a nice ride, mysterious, cool demeanor, not very easy to get along with, and yet very attractive. Everybody knows women love jerks! At least, that’s the common perception, although it probably might have been invented by a disgruntled lover, to get back at his girlfriend. But the idea has stuck around and propagated across cultures, borders and even centuries throughout human civilization.

Women see cryptocurrency as “the bad boy”?

Well! They do and also don’t. Let’s take the perception blinds off our minds and look at some numbers. How many of them are actually dating this bad boy? (HODLing or Day trading)?

“Twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrency (16% of men vs. 7% of women)” - quotes a recent survey from CNBC, Acorn and Momentive.

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So, as it turns out, women are not acting too ambitious or risk taking with an unconventional financial asset like cryptocurrency, at least not as much as men.

Women are sensitive to complexity

One baggage, that crypto currency drags around itself, is of complexity. The complexity is however, required to achieve things like decentralization, transparency and freedom of transactions. Women understand that, same as men do but are more averse to complex things, than men. Ironically, women lean more towards emotional complexity and depth, something which men really don’t like getting into.

Dating Crypto bots

Auto-trading crypto currency bots with built-in AI/ML intelligence, hide the complexity of crypto currency markets and trading. Some can even be programmed to achieve long/short term financial goals to solve your real – world money problems. So, in effect such tools can get more women investors aboard the crypto currency community. Needless to say, women have been lagging behind due to social factors coupled with inherent bias and stereotyping throughout history. By adopting crypto currency, they can certainly achieve financial independence, better status and more say in their personal and professional sphere.

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