Bitcoin value unpredictability spikes as BTC whales sell each new high

10 Jan 2021

Data Suggests Bitcoin's value drops at each new untouched high are the consequence of “mega whales” selling into liquidity.

Bitcoin price has restored the $40,000 level as help however as bull push toward a new all-time high the possibility of another sharp sell-off looms.

As per the reports given by analysts at Material Indicators, a crypto analytics company, mega-whales sold off steeply when Bitcoin hit $40,000 on Jan. 7, 2021. This led to a quick 10% drop to the $36,000 area over the next few hours.

The dip was immediately purchased up, ultimately pushing the value above $41,000 in the next 12 hours. However, BTC saw another huge drop after setting one more untouched high at $42,000, and at the time of writing the top-ranked digital asset is trading at $40,800. As per Material Indicators:

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“So, it looks like mega-whales started selling after that dump at around 2am UTC, and continued selling on the spikes. My guess is they expected more downside. They did not really participate in the rally back up to 42k, which would further support that point.”

In the latest pullback from $42,000 to $40,000, experts from Material Indicators clarified that more smaller whales, who hold $100,000 to $1 million, started to take profit. They noted:

“However, now, they have started buying again. Presumably to break the 42k resistance. Only this time, it seems to be the normal whales ($100k - $1M class) who started taking profit.”

Taking into account that now and again during the most recent week Bitcoin cost has exchanged higher on Coinbase, it is clear that there is large buyer demand coming from the U.S.

This recommends that there is a fight between normal whales taking profit and new buyers in the U.S. market. The sharp rejections from each new record-breaking high additionally flags that whales might be aggressively taking profit when Bitcoin hits another record high

All things considered, it is significant that the interest for Bitcoin from the U.S. is supported in the close to term. Otherwise, the elevated level of selling pressure from whales could make BTC see a correction within a reasonable time-frame.

Where could Bitcoin go from here?

Bitcoin right now has very solid specialized energy that keeps on driving the cost higher. For this reason, traders are reluctant to short it, but some have started to take profits.

In the short term, one concern for Bitcoin is the possible recuperation of the U.S. dollar. A pseudonymous trader known as “Cantering Clark” pinpointed the bounce back of the U.S. dollar and the decrease of precious metals. He said:

“So the question is, with the $DXY finding a floor surprisingly, and metals responding by getting nuked, does $BTC hold well?”

The U.S. dollar index (DXY) is hovering at a support level on the monthly chart. Alternative stores of value, like Bitcoin and gold, are estimated against the dollar. Henceforth, if the dollar starts to move upward, the risk of a BTC revision could increase.