Ethereum, Ripple, BITCOIN: UPSWING predicted beyond $62k


The cryptocurrency growth cycle is still intact and getting even wilder. The cryptocurrency economy is still growing, although a little less aggressively. Bitcoin stopped short of $62k over the weekend, but then revert back to $53k. Ethereum is currently struggling with sustaining price above $1,800. The Ripple token, is hovering at $0.47 trying to break above $0.5. Cardano is the best growing crypto asset, with gains above 15%.

Bitcoin set for new highs

Bitcoin is trading slightly under $58k, falling back from $59k. Recovery from the recent dip to $53,000 lost steam before tackling the seller congestion at $60,000. Bitcoin only needs to slightly push upward to lift off to a new all-time high based on the strong technical levels. For instance, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has a bullish bias and is holding within the positive territory.

Ethereum heading down

Ethereum had broken through trading price at $1,800, but halted at $1,850. The price tumbled following sell orders below $1,800. Meanwhile, Ethereum is trading at $1,790 but expected to fall to $1,700,

Ripple targets $0.6

XRP is trading above a symmetrical triangle pattern expected complete the 34% upswing target to highs around $0.63.

However this upswing will fail to occur if overhead pressure mounts as losses will increase the price breaks under $0.4.

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