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Highly effective solution

Our advanced automation simplifies crypto investments requiring zero effort from you.

Customize Portfolios with your Favorite cryptos

Seize opportunities and optimize returns with AI crypto trading bot

Ready-to-Invest Portfolios

Customize Portfolios with your Favorite cryptos

Get Automatic Execution and 24/7 Monitoring

Invest in Crypto, Your Way. Botsfolio Automates the Rest

Forget the stress of monitoring charts and making those tough buy/sell decisions. Botsfolio's automation empowers you to invest in crypto on your terms. Choose any crypto coins that spark your interest, tell us how much you want to allocate to each, and our automation takes care of the rest.

Set your predetermined criteria, and Botsfolio will automatically execute buy and sell orders for your chosen cryptocurrencies. No need to become a charting expert! This frees you from the constant market monitoring and emotional guesswork that can cloud your judgment.

Focus on building your crypto portfolio and achieving your financial goals, while Botsfolio handles the complexities of market tracking and trade execution.

Invest with Confidence

  • Intelligent Profit Calculation: Botsfolio's built-in profit calculator allows you to experiment with different investment allocations for your chosen cryptocurrencies. See how your portfolio might perform under various scenarios before committing real capital.
  • Performance Comparison Tools: Compare the performance of your cryptocurrency holdings against traditional investments like stocks and market indexes. This comprehensive view allows you to make informed decisions about your overall investment strategy.
  • With Botsfolio's automation, you can invest in cryptocurrency with confidence and ease. Focus on your goals and let Botsfolio handle the complexities of market monitoring and trade execution.

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    With any investment, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Botsfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Read our (investment risk disclosure ) for more information. By using this website, you accept our (Privacy Policy) (Terms & Conditions) .





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